Insurance 101—What your new, unlicensed hires ought to know

June 30, 2021

On the outset, the insurance industry might seem like a complicated field to a new hire. Maybe they never considered that the insurance industry would be where they’d find themselves; maybe they don’t know how the industry works; maybe they don’t realize how rewarding and enlightening a career in the insurance industry can be. Regardless, new hires in the field have questions—and we have answers.

The benefits of an insurance career

With a career in insurance, you can make a real difference, for yourself and for your community. Some of these benefits include:

  • Helping yourself maintain financial stability and job security
  • Helping your community strengthen
    • This includes helping your community when it suffers ordinary or catastrophic losses, and helping it prevent future losses.

It’s not that intimidating—we swear!

There are plenty of topics about the insurance industry that intimidate new hires in the field. It’s important to break them up so that they’re easier to understand and digest.

When you’re introduced to the insurance industry, we want to talk about just a few things:

  • General insurance concepts, like the elements of insurability, rates, policies, etc.
  • An overview of the industry
  • Regulations and laws—both state and federal
  • Questions asked routinely about insurance—from insurance professionals and insureds
  • Why insurance is misunderstood—why new hires might not understand it, and why insureds don’t understand it.

It’s imperative that a new hire’s introduction to the insurance industry is straightforward, informative—and even interesting. Has your agency just hired a new professional who needs to learn more about their new career? Sign them up for New Employee Orientation (2 Part Webinar), taught by Scott A. Treen, CIC, CPIA, which takes place July 7-8, 2021, from 10 a.m.-noon each day. Let’s show them the ropes.

Scott Treen, CIC, CPIA
Treen Insurance Agency | + posts

Scott A. Treen, CIC, CPIA, is the president of Treen Insurance Agency in Jefferson, Ohio. He has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Treen earned the Jack V. Hedges Educator of the Year award in 2007 from PIA Ohio, and he is on the National Faculty for the National Alliance. Treen has taught for CISR, CIC, LUTCF, CPIA and other professional development courses, and speaks to various civic groups.

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