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November 13, 2023

As we move closer to the end of November, I am inspired to think about being grateful. I am grateful for family and friends, for my comfortable home, and the delicious food we create—and for gifts made to me by virtue of birth or happenstance. Looking beyond my immediate sphere, I’m also grateful for the beauty intrinsic to art, architecture, music, travel and nature.

A step beyond grateful

However, gratitude isn’t always enough. Sometimes the things we are grateful for require us to support them. This inspires me to write checks to, or call-in with my credit card donations, to various organizations.

Having worked and volunteered for nonprofit organizations for most of my life, I know that their financing and support can be fragile. Having asked other people for contributions, I am ready to give myself. (It seems only fair.)

Think about whom you want to support

Whom do you love? Whose mission do you support? The local Little League, your library, your university? I give to the county historical society, the fire department and the rescue squad, the food pantry, some health charities, some museums and the rail trail, a couple of political organizations, and my professional society.

I believe in these organizations, about their efforts to improve the lives of students, seniors, cats and dogs, athletes and thespians, and the sick. I get to express myself with my gifts. I’m sure you donate your time and money to many organizations, but have you ever supported the one that supports the independent agency system?

The organization that supports you

Did you know that the PIANY Agents Advocacy Coalition’s purpose is to add political clout to the representation of insurance agents’ interests in the New York state Legislature. While the PIANY staff and volunteers work directly on legislative and other issues, the Agent’s Advocacy Coalition bolsters the legislative work of our association by helping to increase PIANY’s visibility, strengthen relationships, and support legislators who champion our issues.

By donating to the AAC, you are giving back to your profession, which has helped with much that you could be grateful for in the insurance industry. Invest in making the insurance world a better place; and teach our representatives that we are part of the solution. It does not have to be a big gift, but every gift counts.

I bet you won’t regret the check you wrote to AAC, but instead will pay a little closer attention to what our state legislators are doing at the Capitol—and be happy that you stepped up.

Mary Ellen Hern
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Mary Ellen W. Hern is PIA Northeast’s industry resource center government administrative assistant. Mary Ellen joined PIA Northeast in 2018. Previously, she had been an independent contractor in the fundraising, grants writing, and cultural project management field. She graduated from Syracuse University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism from the university’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. Mary Ellen earned her Master of Arts Degree in American Culture from the Winterthur Program at the University of Delaware, Newark, Del.

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