Hardbit ransomware attempts to acquire insurance information

February 21, 2023

Hardbit ransomware emerged in October of 2022 and by November, version 2.0 already had evolved. What’s important to know about Hardbit ransomware is that it attempts to broker ransom payments through its victim’s cyber insurance policies.

What is the threat?

According to a recently published report by the Varonis Research Team, Hardbit 2.0 actors assert that they have stolen data from individuals and/or organizations. However, rather than leaking obtained data, ransom notes are sent to victims.

The ransom notes are efforts to negotiate cryptocurrency payments and attempts to acquire victims’ insurance information.

The desire here is for the Hardbit attackers to tailor their price and have the insurer bear all the cost. Hardbit ransomware communications are made via email or Tox instant messaging platform.

Protect your agency from cyberthreats

PIA members and every one of their small-business clients must understand and then tackle their cybersecurity weaknesses before they are crippled by them.

To protect their sensitive data—and their insureds’ sensitive data—insurance agents should have cyber liability coverage. To determine their unique cyber risks, PIA-member agents can use PIA’s Cyber Risk Assessment.


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