Personal brand management

March 16, 2021

What’s your career reputation? What values do your colleagues and clients see when they interact with you? Do you consistently model and communicate your principles and ethics? Building a positive personal brand is an everyday activity.

Use this checklist to pat yourself on the back or to identify areas to improve.

No. 1: Replace “I’ll try” with “I will” to convey personal ownership. If resolution is not possible, keep your agreement by providing updates.

No. 2: Use positive language. Tell others what you can do, not what you can’t do.

No. 3: Give credit to others.

No. 4: Be on time.

No. 5: Go beyond what’s expected. Deliver ahead of a deadline or provide additional information without being asked.

No. 6: Don’t complain without offering a solution.

No. 7: When communicating in person, by video, or by phone, focus 100% of your attention on the person speaking.

No. 8: Admit your mistakes quickly. Do what you need to do to help fix the mistake.

No. 9: Say please and thank you. Acknowledge extra effort by associates.

No. 10: Master effective verbal and written communication. Be concise in your messaging by identifying what, who, when, why, what is requested, and response needed.

No. 11: Use the Rule of 3. If an email or text requires more than three messages, pick up the phone and talk.

No. 12: Learn your job and do it well. Avoid asking questions of others on things you should know. Use the authority given you to demonstrate knowledge and confidence.

No. 13: Be open to others’ opinions and approaches. Be respectful when asking questions or conveying issues with another’s work.

No. 14: Check your online presence for professionalism and accuracy.

No. 15: Follow your office’s COVID-19 protocols to show respect and protect yourself and others.

Emily Huling
Selling Strategies | + posts

Emily Huling, CIC, CMC, CSP, is president of Selling Strategies. For the past 25 years, Emily has worked with insurance and financial services organizations that are driven to continually improve and with people who want to excel. Her work has helped create top-performing sales, service, and leadership organizations.

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