N.Y.: District Office Visits: Unlocking legislative influence through PIA

June 24, 2024

District Office Visits are a key member benefit provided by PIA, designed to foster meaningful relationships between PIANY members and state legislators. These strategic advocacy meetings, held either in-person or virtually with state legislators, allow PIANY members to deepen their involvement in government.

What are DOVs?

A DOV is an opportunity for an in-person or virtual meetings between PIA members, their legislator and PIA staff members. If PIANY members have yet to be acquainted with their state legislators, PIA staff members will assist to identify those individuals and to arrange an appointment for members to meet with their legislators.

Why are DOVs important?

By participating, PIA members gain a unique opportunity to influence the state legislative process, advocate for the association’s priorities, and explain how these issues impact their businesses as insurance agents and agency owners. This direct engagement not only amplifies their voices, but it bolsters the role professional insurance agents have in shaping crucial legislative decisions.

DOVs offer a platform to educate lawmakers and to advocate for beneficial changes in the insurance industry. Your expertise and insight are essential in this process, helping to ensure that legislators are well-informed and that enacted laws effectively address the specific needs of the insurance community, as well as the consumers and businesses we serve.

Commitment and preparation

This commitment requires your attendance at a single pre-planning meeting. During this session, PIA staff members will provide you with comprehensive background information on the association’s legislative priorities, custom-tailored talking points and effective communication strategies, to ensure that you are thoroughly equipped to advocate persuasively and effectively during the DOV.

Why join?

Participating in the DOV program represents a strategic investment in the future of your business and offers a significant opportunity to shape the legislative landscape. Act today to enhance your influence in the insurance industry through a District Office Visit, where advocacy meets action.

Theophilus Alexander
PIA Northeast

Theophilus W. Alexander joined PIA Northeast as a government & industry affairs specialist for the Government & Industry Affairs Department in 2023. Prior to joining PIA, Theo had served in both houses of the New York State Legislature. Previously, he worked as a legislative analyst for Hon. New York State Sen. Samra G. Brouk, D-55, and he served at the New York State Assembly, as a policy analyst with New York Assembly Program & Counsel. Theo received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y.

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