Common Valentine’s Day purchases—and why you should remind your insureds to call you

February 4, 2022

Valentine’s Day—and the winter season in general—is a popular time of year when insureds invest in big purchases. Whether they’re investing in their future, or simply a new, expensive commodity, they could need insurance coverage—and that’s where you come in.

Common Valentine’s Day purchases

Gift exchanges between couples on Valentine’s Day aren’t uncommon, but couples aren’t the only ones buying gifts. According to the National Retail Federation, $21.8 billion were spent on Valentine’s Day for partners, friends—and even pets—in 2021.

Common purchases include:

  • candy/sweets;
  • greeting cards;
  • jewelry—and specifically, engagement rings;
  • tickets to events (e.g., concerts, live theatre);
  • trips/vacations; and
  • technology (e.g., smartphones, computers).

As you can see, many of these common purchases are expensive—and insurable.

Where you come in

More than likely, when your insureds make these big purchases, their first thought is about the recipient of the gift and the excitement that accompanies gift-giving. But, is their next thought about calling you?

As you know, certain big purchases could benefit from extra insurance coverage if the unexpected happens, like natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, snowstorms) that damage property; property damage from fire, smoke or flood; theft or burglary—just to name a few. If and when these events happen, your insureds already will have wanted to make sure their insurance policies cover their new possessions.

Where PIA comes in

To help you educate your insureds about the importance of insurance for big purchases they may and how you can help them, PIA’s Design & Print can collaborate with you to create marketing materials for your insureds, tailored just for you and your agency. PIA can even help you send them to your client list, so you get to spend your time doing what you do best: protecting your clients and selling insurance.

For more information on how PIA’s Design & Print can help you connect with your insureds about insuring their valuables and property, email Design & Print Account Manager Calley Rupp.

Alexandra Chouinard

Alexandra Chouinard has editing, writing, advertising and publishing experience from her Alma Mater, Loyola University, where she earned a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing and Communication.

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